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For this restaurant concept, we started with a story in history, of a unique place, almost mythical, the garden of Messardière.

Louise Dupuy D’Angeac, artist and musician, inherits the castle on the death of her husband Henri Brisson. She decides to turn the place into an accommodation for distinguished guests to keep the castle alive. The castle has a beautiful garden, and we can easily imagine it being filled with music and artists, in which we see tables and chairs for a lunch on the lawn, or we just lie down for a nap under a tree.

At the origin of our concept, this beautiful garden, the one that brings us back to the nostalgia of our childhood summers. Like a garden furnished over the years, we chose to combine a black metal garden furniture mixed with light teak and rattan fibers. The idea is to recreate a garden where one has lunch under the pergola, where one spends hours at the table, and where one would fall asleep in the sun, shaded by the local vegetation. Old books, trinkets, antique lamps and vases are arranged here and there to evoke the atmosphere of a family home, while blue zellige tiles and old mirrors bring a home-made effect, bright and natural. The beach – its sun-loungers with mismatched mattresses and its natural wood daybeds with a light beige veil – inviting onself to relaxation and simply letting go, combining voluptuousness and simplicity, glamor and farniente.

For the visual identity and communication, we remained faithful to the decorative project thanks to a sunny, eclectic, and elegant setting. Relaxing as a couple, with family or friends, in a friendly, warm, gentle and care-free atmosphere, in the spirit of a family home garden during the summertime.

Photos: Luce Roux